*Indicates Beer Currently Available
Draft list updated every Monday, please call for availability.

"ABV": Alcohol By Volume

"IBU": International Bitterness Units

*East Chop Lighthouse
Golden Ale

4.2% ABV 8 IBU

Award-winning golden ale, crisp, fresh and clean, brewed with 100% pilsner malt.

Blueberry Ale
Fruit Beer

4.5% ABV 8 IBU

A light ale with a hint of blueberry.

*Beach Road
Nut Brown

4.8% ABV 20 IBU

Low bitterness and sweet malt with a subtle finish of bitter-sweet chocolate.


*Amber Ale

5.3% ABV 25 IBU

Our flagship ale, light amber in color with a superb balance of malt and hops, very soft and drinkable.

*Lazy Frog IPA

7.0% ABV 70 IBU

A West Coast-influenced India Pale Ale with bold hop character balanced by a malt backbone.

*Steeprock Stout

4.6% ABV 29 IBU

Roasted, smooth, and delicious with a deep black color and an easy, dry finish.

*Menemsha Creek
Pale Ale

5.5% ABV 39 IBU

This American Pale Ale is clean and approachable in style with bright hop flavors and balanced malt character.

*Islander Double 

8.2% ABV 90+ IBU

Crisp & focused with a deep copper color, bold hop bitterness, and citrus hop aromas.

2-Daze Session IPA

5.3% ABV 50 IBU

A classic New England style session IPA.  Made with two different hop varieties, this hazy session is packed with a fruity, piney, and citrus character and a smooth finish.

*Hopp Goddess
Belgian Pale Ale 

6.9% ABV 69 IBU

A luscious and unique ale, layered with flavors of citrus hops, spice, orange rind, malt, and earthy notes.

Inkwell Imperial 

10% ABV 80+ IBU

Our well-known improvisational double stout is dense and rich with its creamy roasted malt character.

Miss Behavin'

7.5% ABV 39 IBU

She’s an aromatic strong ale, offering balanced hop sharpness
with big malt flavor and character from the use of several specialty malts & more.

Hop Kick
Session IPA

5.5% ABV 50 IBU

A classic style session IPA. Brewed with Amarillo and Citra hops, this session is packed with fruity, piney and citrus notes and a smooth finish.  

Hopps Farm Road
Pale Ale

6.0% ABV 50 IBU

Our annual small-batch seasonal offering using locally grown organic hops.




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