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Ever wonder what happens behind the bar window? Come with us on a virtual brewery tour to find out!

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It all starts with malt and water...

Malt is germinated cereal grains that have been dried in a process called malting. Malt provides fermentable sugars that are required for yeast to turn into alcohol while also providing color, body, and character to our beers. Malt can be made from barley, wheat, rye, and other cereal grains. We keep our malt in the "malt loft" way above the restaurant on the same level as the floating boats.

that's our former assistant brewer Chris filling the grist bin with malt

it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it

bring it all to a boil

The wort is then transferred to our big copper kettle where it will boil for at least one hour. Throughout the boil, hops are added at different times for bitterness and aroma. This whole process can be seen from the bar, through our big windows into the brewhouse!

time to

make the mash

Water and malt are combined in our big copper mash tun where starches are converted into sugars. Some sugars are fermentable and other are non-fermentable. Therefore some of our beers are sweeter while others are drier. The spent malt grain is then separated from this sweet liquid known as wort.

spent grain


Fermentation time

Once the wort has boiled for its clandestine amount of time it's chilled and transferred to our fermentation tanks where the yeast is added. Our fermentation tanks are visible from our dining room and are the topic of a lot of chatter between our staff and patrons! After about 4-7 days for ales and 10-14 days for lagers, the beer is then slowly cooled to 31 degrees over several days in our beer cooler in the basement. Then depending on the style of beer it is aged for 1-4 weeks.

can it!

Or bottle it up or tap it! Once the beer is ready, it's time to get distributed! Did you know we can and bottle all of our beers in-house?. Even the majority of our label design is done in-house by our assistant brewer Chris! From there, our beer is sent off to our nearly 100 New England retailers where the good word of Offshore Ale beer is spread.

drink up!

We hope you enjoy our beer as much as we enjoy making it. Come see for yourself why Offshore Ale Co. Beer is award winning!